Navigating Adjudication Under Singapore's Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act


The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act (SOPA) plays a vital role in protecting the rights and interests of contractors and subcontractors involved in Singapore's construction industry. Adjudication under the SOPA offers a speedy and cost-effective resolution for payment disputes. In this article, we will explore the brief process of adjudication under SOPA and shed light on its significance for the construction industry.


Understanding Adjudication

Adjudication is a mechanism provided by SOPA to resolve payment disputes in the construction industry. It allows parties involved in a construction law contract to seek an independent third-party decision, known as an adjudication determination, on payment claims. This process provides a fair and efficient means of resolving conflicts, ensuring that contractors and subcontractors receive timely payment for their work.


Initiating the Adjudication Process

To initiate the adjudication process, the claimant must issue a payment claim, which is a written document outlining the amount due and the basis for the claim. This claim should be served on the respondent, typically the party responsible for making the payment. Upon receiving the payment claim, the respondent has a specified period to respond with a payment response, stating the amount they agree to pay or providing reasons for non-payment.


Appointment of an Adjudicator

If a claimant is not satisfied with the response amount after receiving the payment response, a claimant may lodge an adjudication application with the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) for the appointment of an adjudicator. Adjudicators are experienced professionals in the construction industry. They are neutral and independent, ensuring a fair and unbiased decision. After the adjudication application is served on the respondent, the respondent is also required to lodge an adjudication response with SMC within a stipulated period. 


Adjudication Determination

The adjudicator is given a fixed timeline to review the payment claim, the response and the adjudication documents to make a determination on the merits of the claimant’s claim. The determination is a binding decision on the parties involved, and its purpose is to resolve the payment dispute swiftly. Adjudicators consider relevant documents, arguments, and evidence presented by both parties before reaching a decision. While a determination has temporary finality, a party may still pursue its claim via litigation or arbitration thereafter. 


Enforcement of Adjudication Determination

Once the adjudicator's determination is made, it becomes binding and enforceable. If the respondent fails to comply with the determination, the claimant can seek legal recourse through the courts to enforce payment. The courts generally recognise and enforce adjudication determinations promptly to maintain the efficacy of the SOPA process.


Benefits of Adjudication under SOPA

Adjudication under SOPA offers several benefits to the parties involved in construction law contracts. First, it provides a quick resolution to payment disputes, minimising delays and cash flow issues for contractors and subcontractors. Second, it offers a cost-effective alternative to litigation or arbitration, as the process is typically more streamlined and less formal. Lastly, adjudication promotes transparency and accountability within the construction industry, fostering healthier business relationships.


Construction Adjudication: Michael Por Law Corporation’s Services

The process of adjudication under the SOPA has emerged as a valuable tool for resolving payment disputes in the construction industry. By providing an efficient and fair mechanism, it ensures that contractors and subcontractors receive timely payment for their work. However, strict compliance with the provisions under the SOPA is necessary. It is important to seek legal advice in Singapore before filing an adjudication application, or if you are served with an adjudication application. Our construction lawyers at Michael Por Law Corporation can assist you on the merits of your application or response.