Why Every Singapore Business Needs a Corporate Lawyer on Retainer

Protecting Your Business Interests with Well-Drafted Contracts

Contracts play a crucial role in protecting your business interests by providing certainty and the allocation of risks in the event a party fails to deliver on its obligations under the contract. They outline the rights and obligations of all parties involved, making it easier to enforce legal rights and protect your business against disputes. Without a well-drafted contract in place, businesses may face significant legal liabilities and may find it difficult to protect their interests. A well-drafted contract not only helps to prevent misunderstandings of the parties’ rights and obligations, it also establishes credibility and trust with clients, partners, and investors.


The Role of a Lawyer

Lawyers are instrumental in helping businesses draft, negotiate, review and interpret contracts, ensuring that the contracts meet legal and regulatory requirements. They can assist businesses in identifying any potential risks and liabilities that may arise from a contract and offer advice on how to mitigate them. Working with a lawyer who has the expertise in drafting contracts consequently assures businesses that their contracts are legally enforceable and that their interests are protected.


How a Corporate Lawyer on Retainer Can Provide Legal Protection for Businesses in Singapore

Retaining the services of a corporate lawyer can provide businesses in Singapore with significant legal protection by ensuring that their contracts are enforceable. A lawyer on retainer can assist businesses in drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts to ensure that they meet all legal and regulatory requirements. A lawyer would also be able to identify the potential areas of dispute and advise the client on the various protection measures which the client can undertake. In the event a dispute cannot be avoided, the lawyers can also represent businesses in negotiations, mediation, arbitration and litigation. Having a corporate lawyer on retainer therefore enables businesses to achieve legal compliance, reduce risks, and protect their interests.

Maximising Efficiency and Minimising Costs with a Corporate Lawyer on Retainer

By engaging a corporate lawyer on retainer, businesses can access ongoing legal support whenever they need it without having to spend time searching for a suitable lawyer every time a legal issue arises. A corporate lawyer who is familiar with a business' needs and priorities can also save time and effort in ensuring that their contracts comply with all legal and regulatory requirements.


A retainer can be in the form of a fixed monthly fee or annual fee for an agreed number of hours. The hourly rates would generally be more cost-effective than hiring a lawyer on an ad-hoc basis or paying for expensive legal disputes. Having a corporate lawyer on retainer also enables businesses to proactively manage legal risks and prevent disputes before they occur. In the long term, businesses may save on legal costs by avoiding litigation or arbitration disputes which can be costly for business and take quite some time before a resolution is achieved.


Michael Por Law Corporation: Your Top Choice for a Corporate Lawyer on Retainer

Michael Por Law Corporation ("MPLC") is a Singapore-based boutique corporate law firm founded by our Managing Director, Michael Por. They have extensive experience in a wide range of litigation/arbitration and corporate work. Their clients range from small businesses to multinational corporations and quasi-governmental organisations, who often seek their advice on the review of contracts and to negotiate the contractual terms effectively. Their clients have also sought advice on their expertise whenever a potential dispute has arisen. The guiding principle of MPLC is to ensure that clients receive individualised legal services that are both relevant to their needs and cost-effective.


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